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Sophos push install on Vista or Windows 7 gives error 2e in SBE control panel

If wanting to push out Sophos to systems running Vista or Windows 7 you will get an error with Sophos unable to do the remote install. By Default remote registry is disabled on Vista and Windows 7. Follow the steps below to enable a push install: Run services.msc and start Remote Registry Open ports 8192, […]


SAVOnAccessControl Access error trying to open PST running Sophos

We recently had a client who had a number of PST files open in their outlook, and some time after installing Sophos found that they could not open the PSTs.-


Latest phising scam bid cancellation from ebay

I received this email apparently from ebay this morning. Very proper looking and as I had a number of items listed I clicked on the link to check out who had cancelled their bid. When you highlight the link you see it goes to a site http://callofthetrees… My IE8 picked up this was a phising […]


Cyber criminals botnet blackmail identity theft wardriving 4 corners video

I was watching4 corners last night and thought it worth putting a link on the blog for others to watch the documentary This documentary covered various methods of cyber criminals Blackmailing through using botnets to take websites offline Identity theft through phishing emails Purchasing credit card details stolen from sites or through fake (or […]


Can’t get rid of the SKYNET trojan?

This is a particulary difficult rootkit trojan to get rid of I have found on a couple of systems. Both were infected-


More than 80% of Australian consumers are at risk from online fraud

According to a Verisign report Australian consumers still fall for scammer


Upgrading MSDE prior to installing Sophos PureMessage

When installing Sophos PureMessage anti-spam / mail filtering software, if your Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine (MSDE) engine is not at SP4, the installer will report that it is Unable to connect to \local\SOPHOS. However if you try to install SP4 for MSDE, it won’t necessarily upgrade the correct version of MSDE. To check which version […]


Problems uninstalling Symantec/Norton anti-virus. Download nonav

Occasionally you may have problems where the Adelbert programs in control panel does not properly or totally remove Norton anti-virus elements. Depending on the exact version of your operating system and the products you have go to the site to find the appropriate removal instructions To download the Norton AntiVirus removal tool click […]