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List of spam phrases and words

If you have a spam filter and want to import a list of common phrases  click on the hyperlink to download 260 Spam Phrases as a text file to import


Malware and Anti-Virus Threats for 2012

We’re always looking to stay ahead of the threats. Here are 10 trends we think will be the main factors affecting the IT security landscape in 2012. 1. Social media and the web We expect cybercriminals to continue their effective mass generation of malware, increasing the number of attacks using new social media platforms and […]


How to configure Windows 7 to allow Sophos push installation

In Windows 7, in Control Panel, open Network and Sharing Center. For the-


Viral link in unsubscribe on spam email for Mozilla firefox

With all the spam I get I am frequently unsubscribing from e-mail lists without thinking much you about it. Today I received this one and clicked on the unsubscribe The link went to a webpage with malware on it, fortunately my Sophos blocked the malware on the page    


Sophos virus and malware threat report



Manually removing Sophos puremessage when it will not uninstall

Here are the steps: 1. Stop Internet Information Services: Stop the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service (this will prevent mail from being allowed through while PureMessage is offline) Stop the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service Stop the Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks service 2. Stop and disable the PureMessage related services: Sophos PureMessage Sophos PureMessage […]


How to disable Sophos anti virus

Right click on the Blue Shield sophos icon on the bottom right of your status bar. Select Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Configure anti-virus and HIPS On-access Scanning. Check off Enable on-access scanning for this computer


Sophos push install on Vista or Windows 7 gives error 2e in SBE control panel

If wanting to push out Sophos to systems running Vista or Windows 7 you will get an error with Sophos unable to do the remote install. By Default remote registry is disabled on Vista and Windows 7. Follow the steps below to enable a push install: Run services.msc and start Remote Registry Open ports 8192, […]


SAVOnAccessControl Access error trying to open PST running Sophos

We recently had a client who had a number of PST files open in their outlook, and some time after installing Sophos found that they could not open the PSTs.-


Cyber criminals botnet blackmail identity theft wardriving 4 corners video

I was watching4 corners last night and thought it worth putting a link on the blog for others to watch the documentary This documentary covered various methods of cyber criminals Blackmailing through using botnets to take websites offline Identity theft through phishing emails Purchasing credit card details stolen from sites or through fake (or […]