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Mac users receive winmail.dat attachments

What are winmail.dat attachments? Users may receive this file as an attachment instead of the regularly attached file under these circumstances: The sender is using Outlook for Windows The sender has a contact record for the recipient enabled to use Rich Text or his default settings are set to use Rich Text The recipient is […]


List of spam phrases and words

If you have a spam filter and want to import a list of common phrases  click on the hyperlink to download 260 Spam Phrases as a text file to import


Exchange 2013 service pack 1 fails ERROR: A reboot from a previous installation is pending

.          Check and confirm that the mail flow is working ·         Execute the command Get-ServerComponentState ServerName and confirm that the status of all Exchange components are Active ·         Execute the command Set-ServerComponentState ServerName –Component HubTransport –State Draining –Requester Maintenance & Set-ServerComponentState ServerName –Component UMCallRouter –State Draining –Requester Maintenance to put the […]


Exchange 2007 2010 powershell command to remove emails from submission queue

If you have a situation where spammers have been using backscatter or other methods to send spam from your exchange server you may find thousands of emails in the Exchange queues. You can use Exchange management console and under Toolbox open Queue Viewer to see this. From the exchange powershell you can view the messages […]


How to set up exchange ActiveSync account on iPhone

  Follow these steps to setup your Exchange ActiveSync account your Apple iphone. For office365 users see Tap Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars Add Account Microsoft Exchange. Enter your email address, password and set the description. It’s best to set the description to be the same as the email address, so if you have multiple email accounts on […]


Allow relay from LAN clients through Exchange 2010

Create a new SMTP Receive Connector Open up Exchange System Manager Click on Server Configuration


Exchange 2010 Powershell script to archive prior year emails

In the continual battle to manage user mailbox sizes here is a script which will export all the user mailboxes data for the specified date range and then removes the exported data from the mailbox. It excludes deletion of contacts, meetings and tasks using the switch not kind:contacts not kind:meetings not kind:tasks Create a cmd […]


Exchange 2010 powershell script to export to PST selected folders in Daily Folders

We use this script to get a backup of key user folders exported to small PST files that can be readily uploaded offsite. The script can be put in the task scheduler and it will create Monday


How to allow SMTP relay from workstations on LAN with Exchange 2010

By default exchange 2010 is securely configured to only allow sending through an application like outlook. In some instances workstations running programs need to be able to send using SMTP on port 25. In order to allow this on exchange 2010 in exchange management console under server configuration go to the Hub transport. Add a […]


The set of folders cannot be opened when accessing public folders moved from old exchange 2003 server

After moving mailboxes to the new exchange 2007 or 2010 server and then decommissioning an old exchange 2003 server and attempting to access the public folders this message came up The set of folders cannot be opened. Microsoft exchange is not available. Either there are network problems all the exchange server is down to maintenance. […]