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Fixing auskey access to ATO portal

Recently a number of clients have had issues accessing the ATO or other Australian government portals due to auskey not working. When going to login to the ATO or other portal that uses auskey, only MyGov shows as an available credential instead of their personal auskey details   To resolve this follow the steps below […]


When a $100 billion company has script error on their auto-bank tellers

I found this script error last night Ahhh Microsoft Internet Explorer, you’ve done it again.


Webdav IIS 6 HTTP Error 404 File or directory not found user permissions with goodreader

I found that after setting up webdav on a server for access by goodreader on my ipad, some folders I could access with no problem, but other sub folders would give the HTTP Error 404 shown below.   The page cannot be found The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its […]


Is it worth installing internet explorer 9

I’ve been using Google Chrome for some time now. I gave up on Internet Explorer 8 as fat bloated slow pig of a program that would frequently hang on me, and have been happily using Google Chrome for about a year now. It has been noticeably faster and less likely to hang. Another key reason […]


How to reset Internet explorer to default settings