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How to set up exchange ActiveSync account on iPhone

  Follow these steps to setup your Exchange ActiveSync account your Apple iphone. For office365 users see Tap Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars Add Account Microsoft Exchange. Enter your email address, password and set the description. It’s best to set the description to be the same as the email address, so if you have multiple email accounts on […]


Cannot connect VPN using Vodafone with Galaxy android phone


Apple release IOS6

See the features list here-


How to get Siri to call Telstra 101 voicemail or 3 digit numbers

If you ever asked theory to call voicemail and been told “Sorry I can’t help you with that” here is the way to get around that frustration Create a new contact Set the number to 101 000. Similarly if you need to get it to call a different three digit number but the three digit […]


Rename iPhone in windows 7 explorer

Connect you iPhone go to Control Panel choose Hardware & Sound open Device Manager Drill down to Portable Devices right-click on your iPhone and choose Uninstall wait a minute right-click on Portable Devices and choose Scan for hardware changes This will reset the name to Apple iPhone If you want to manually set the name […]


Must have apps for the iphone and ipad

Here are the apps I use all the time Tempo – an excellent metronome for any musician. Allows you to store various sets-


Apple iTunes Match now available in Australia

Apple have just released iTunes match to the Australian store. Install the latest version of iTunes and it will appear on the menu at the left under STORE. From there you can subscribe. As is typical for Australian users, we pay more being $34.99 instead of the banana republic US $24.99. But hey, if you […]


When will IOS 5 for Apple iphone and iPad be released?

The company announced that iOS 5 will officially be available for download starting October 12. It will include some features we have seen before along with the addition of Cards, Find My Friends and more importantly, Siri voice recognition. I’m very much interested in using Siri. The Nuance Dragon dictation app on my iPhone and […]


Minimise iPhone data usage by adjusting e-mail fetch settings and disabling push with exchange server

If you’re on a minimal data plan all going overseas you will want to configure your e-mail to only fetch manually, or at a longer interval. In order to configure this opens settings and mail, contacts, calendars Under Fetch New Data turn off Push Set the fetch interval to a certain time, or Manually if […]


How to enable personal wireless hotspot on iPhone

First you need to make sure you have IOS 4.2 or later to have the hotspot feature. Go to Settings. Select the Personal Hotspot setting Switch personal Hotspot to on. Note the Wi-Fi password on your phone   Now on your laptop ensure the wireless is on, search for wireless networks and you will see […]