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Cannot connect VPN using Vodafone with Galaxy android phone


How to update cyberoam firmware

To update the firmware version on a cyberoam, connect to the console and go to system -> maintenance Back up the existing firmware configuration before updating firmware it’s advisable to do a backup of the configuration. Go to system/maintenance and backup and restore press backup now Press Download to download the backup configuration. It’s advisable […]


Godaddy DNS hacked

If you are wondering why many of the sites you want to visit seem down today, it may be due to a widespread attack on Godaddy`s DNS servers Godaddy is one of the largest domain name registrars in the world, and hosts millions of websites for businesses and organizations. What can be affected by DNS […]


Cyberoam FTP anti virus scanning blocks directory listing from Filezilla client

When using Filezilla FTP client to access a remote server I was finding the remote directory would not list and error with a timeout. To fix this I went into the LAN to WAN firewall rule for LiveUserTraffic and checked off AV & AS Scanning FTP. The directory would then list OK.  


Congratulations to Peter on completing his Cyberoam security certification

As part of continued professional development at King computer solutions Peter has completed his Cyberoam security certification Congratulations on your achievement!


Dell DRAC 5 listening ports

Here are the ports to allow through the firewall for various DRAC remote access options. 22* Secure Shell (SSH) 23* Telnet 80* HTTP 161 SNMP Agent 443* HTTPS 623 RMCP/RMCP+ 3668* Virtual Media server 3669* Virtual Media Secure Service 5900* Console Redirection keyboard/mouse 5901* Console Redirection video The default-


Cyberoam RTP voice not working inbound from calls made out

I had an issue with cyberoam where calls in had voice both ways, but calling out they could hear me, but I could not hear them, i.e. inbound RTP voice traffic was not being forwarded. Virtual server was setup with port range to forward 10000:20000, firewall rule was configured with WAN to LAN rule to […]


SBS 2011 Radius Authentication Setup for Cisco ASA

I read through several articles for server 2008 and 2008r2 and they all seemed to have bits of the configuration needed for the SBS 2011 server to authenticate but not all of the settings. I have managed to get both mac and windows clients authenticated using the method below: Install Network Policy server by going […]


Configure Telstra Speadstream modem in bridged mode


Configure Cyberoam with Telstra wireless USB

This setup was done using a Telstra Aircard 880U USB modem Enable the WWAN interface SSH to the cyberoam and run 4. Console then type the command cybgeroam wwan enable         Reboot the cyberoam and under the network tab you will now see Wireless WAN See for information on enabling the Wireless WAN port […]