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Cyberoam Gateway IP & Interface IP Address must be in same network changing gateway weight

If you are running multiple pppoe connections on a Cyberoam there is a but that means if you try to change the gateway weight you get the message Gateway IP & Interface IP Address must be in same network This is due to be fixed in subsequent releases. The fix for now is Open interface. […]


How to enable logs in Cyberoam when firewall log empty

By default firewall logging is not turned on in the cyberoam router To enable it go to Logs & Reports Configuration Check on Firewall items you want to show up in the log and press the Apply button at the bottom of the screen.


Cyberoam configuration to force a particular server to access internet through set connection for airvideo

If you have multiple Internet connections to your cyberoam and load balancing enabled, when a particular server is accessing the Internet it may use any of the connections based on the load balancing rules. This can effect issues like email SPF records, and also applications that use NAT to provide access externally. Recently I was […]


Configure cyberoam with active directory and terminal server

Installing the authentication client on the Active directory controller Go to the cyberoam download page On your active directory controller download and install the CTASuite Follow the procedure here for implementing single sign on on the Active directory server. Auto install of cyberoam client on workstations To automatically install the client on […]