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Fuji Xerox CM305 df SMB scanner settings and default login username and password

For configuring the scanner to sends scans to a shared folder do the following: Create a user for the scanner to login with a username and password on the domain/server/workstation. In the example below I created a user fujixerox. Create and Share a Scans folder. Assign read/write permissions for the scanner user created above Login […]


Windows 7 desktop shortcuts disappearing

If you find an intermittent issue where the shortcuts on a Windows 7 desktop disappear it is likely because of the automatic maintenance windows does to remove missing shortcuts. In order to resolve this issue need to disable the automatic maintenance following the procedure below In Control Panel under System and Security go to Find […]


The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

After restoring a server virtual machine to a few days prior I encountered this error. Previously I would delete the computer from the domain and rejoin it, but found a faster way. The underlying problem when you see this error is that the machine you are trying to access can no longer communicate securely with […]


Rename iPhone in windows 7 explorer

Connect you iPhone go to Control Panel choose Hardware & Sound open Device Manager Drill down to Portable Devices right-click on your iPhone and choose Uninstall wait a minute right-click on Portable Devices and choose Scan for hardware changes This will reset the name to Apple iPhone If you want to manually set the name […]


Clean up and reduce size of WinSxS folder in Windows 7

The WinSxS folder is used to store install and uninstall files, windows packages (current and previous versions of a component) and out-of-band releases. You should not completely delete this folder, nor will windows let you. You will find this is one of the largest folders in your system, and particularly if you use SSD drives […]


How to make an ISO file from CD or DVD in Windows 7 free

Install the appropriate version of the ISO recorderd from Alex Feinman – if you find it useful make a PayPal donation!  


How to move the Apple itunes MobileSync backup folder to another drive on a Windows 7 computer

Download junction from-


Windows security center marks bit defender as disabled

Sometimes you might see an alert from-


Remove Skype quality pop up questionnaire at the end of call

If like me you get annoyed by the Skype pop-up questionnaire at end of –


Execute a command on a file or set of files

forfiles – a resource kit tool that iterates files in a folder, can do it on date, and let you then run a command You can get it here: This command should (I haven’t tested it myself) delete all files older than 30 days, under c:\temp and recurse into subdirectories. forfiles /p “C:\temp” […]