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Setup Computer as Wireless AP for internet access in Win7

Hi So you have a computer with a Internet connection (Lan or USB) and a Wireless Network Adaptor and you want a second computer to connect to the internet using using the same internet connection. We to be honest the best method would be to purchase a Wireless Router with a lan or usb internet […]


Reduce size of Sophos SQL database

Hi Guys Well had an old server which was running out of HDD space and only had a 14gb HDD. Sophos LDF file was using 2.5 GB I found an article on Sophos website on how to reduce this size. Here are the steps 1. Install Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express 2. Open Sophos DB […]


RDP session to win7 computer disconnect after 2 min of idle.

Hi Guys Had a customer that had a problem where there RDP session to Win7 would disconnect after 2 min. I found that the problem was the default session timeout. Although the policy says default is not to disconnect I found users disconnecting in two mins. Following is how to change these setting on Win7 […]


Active Sync Error EventID 3005 Unexpected Exchange Mailbox Server Error

Hi Guys This article is related to Exchange 2003 and Active Sync. If you review Exchange server event logs you received the below errors. –


Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 license for HyperV and virtual server

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 standard edition includes a license for a virtual machine, so when you purchase this you can load a system as a HyperV server, then load a single virtual machine under that. Further Windows 2008 virtual machines require an additional license to be purchased. If you want to run a number of […]


x86 or 32b Printer drivers will not install on Windows 2008 64B Server

Hi Guys. I have had an issue where I have been unable to install 32b drivers on a windows 2008 64b server. I have log on to the suppliers website download all version of there drivers and none of them works. This stop me rolling out printer using scripts or preference to 32b clients. Finally […]


LEAP Accounting The database cannot be published TCPIP had an error when publishing the port numbers

On the LEAP server if you receive the error The database cannot be published When you press OK the message TCP/IP v2003, had an error when publishing the port numbers that a client application. Error code #-1 Close LEAP and make sure the leap accounting server.exe process is stopped. Open task manager and end the […]


What are the default passwords in Elastix CentOS


Slow computer, Slow HDD on Windows

Hi Guys. Here is an interest issue. Computer is running like a dog. You have run defrag, Check Disk, remove all non required application, maybe even rebuild the computer with a freash install, and still it runs like a dog. What could be happen is that Windows could have placed your HDD in PIO only […]


Upgrading WordPress running on IIS

The ideal WordPress installation runs on a linux+apache platform but with a little tweaking, runs just fine on IIS. One common problem is with the installation of plugins and the application of the automatic upgrades of WordPress. You’ll see something like: “Downloading update from Download failed.: Could not copy files. Installation Failed” The problem […]