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Excel 2003 files slow to open on network

Open Control panel

Programs and features

View installed updates

Under Microsoft Office Standard edition2003

Find Update for Excel (KB2502786) highlight it and uninstall

Do the same for KB2541025

You may need to reboot the system

  • sgadecki

    Worked Like a Charm!!!!!!

  • srinu

    Upgraded to Office 2007 and everytime i open a document it takes foreversometimes 2 to 3 minutes. This happen when opening attactment form my emailor docs that are saved on the local computer. Very frustating and timeconsuming. Now if you leave the program open let’s say excel and then open adocument it opens i quickly. If the program is not open it can as long 3 minssometime to open a document that 100kb. I have already adjusted theanti-virus programand nothing. i have gone crazy searching the net for answerand nothing. Can some please help!