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Exchange 2007 2010 powershell command to remove emails from submission queue

If you have a situation where spammers have been using backscatter or other methods to send spam from your exchange server you may find thousands of emails in the Exchange queues.

  • You can use Exchange management console and under Toolbox open Queue Viewer to see this.
  • queue viewer
  • From the exchange powershell you can view the messages using the command 


  • This will return a list of messages in all queues
  • get-message displays queued messages
  • You will able to see common themes of the spam emails. Typically backscatter emails will have a fromaddress <> and you may see many permanent Delivery or Undelivered messages.
  • To specifically clear these from the queues without sending NDRs use the exchange powershell commands

Remove-Message -Server EX -Filter {FromAddress -like “<>”} -WithNDR $false
Remove-Message -Server EX -Filter {Subject -like “*Permanent*”} -WithNDR $false
Remove-Message -Server EX -Filter {Subject -like “*Undelivered*”} -WithNDR $false

  • Run Get-message again to check what is left in the queues, and run similar command to clear out the invalid emails.
  • To clear the entire submission queue at once you can stop the Microsoft Exchange Transport service and rename the folder

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\data\Queue to Queue old.

  • Recreate a blank Queue folder and restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service and it will recreate a clean database.