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How to add an Managed Exchange from web central in Outlook 2007

First you will need to create a new account. You can access the account settings menu by:

Tools -> Account Settings


Start -> Control Panel -> Mail -> Email Accounts (preferable for exchange accounts)

Then choose New.

new account
Click the checkbox that states ‘Manually Configure server settings or additional server types

Click Next.

choose manual configuration
Choose ‘Microsoft Exchange‘ as the E-mail Service and click Next account type
Enter as the Microsoft Exchange server.

enter the mailbox number as the username.

Use Cached exchange mode can be enabled/disabled depending on clients needs.

Once details have been entered click ‘Check Name

enter details
You will then be prompted for the username and password.

Enter exchange\mbxxxxx and the mailbox password.

Click OK.

prompt for details
The Username should resolve to a name which is underlined.

Click ‘More Settings

resolved name
Select ‘Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP

Click ‘Exchange Proxy Settings

more settings
Enter as proxy server connection

Ensure ‘Connect using SSL Only‘ and ‘NTLM Authentication‘ are selected.

Click OK twice to exit back to the main account setup screen.

Click Next then finish.

proxy details
  • Adamr

    You are a legend my friend, I have bookmarked this page for a client of ours, WebCentral support hasn’t been very helpful.

  • Glad it assisted.

  • m1mcd

    This is a great page for the Outlook setup. Any chance of having one for Mobile Phones?

  • Luke

    for a phone to setup via exchange

    Email: (users email address)
    domain: exchange
    username: mb#### (mailbox name)password: password