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How to check Microsoft HyperV integration components are running the latest version to stop storvsp event id 6 warnings

In the system EventLog you may see storvsp messages like this:

A storage device in ‘TS2’ loaded but has a different version from the server. Server version 5.1 Client version 4.2 (Virtual machine ID C99F4CCB-89A4-4F3D-8FA5-ECB5DDD10B7F). The device will work, but this is an unsupported configuration. This means that technical support will not be provided until this problem is resolved. To fix this problem, upgrade the integration services. To upgrade, connect to the virtual machine and select Insert Integration Services Setup Disk from the Action menu.

From the HyperV manager connect to the virtual machine

login and under the action menu insert integration services setup disk

Install hyper-V integration services

If it is out of date a message like below will be shown. Press OK to upgrade to the latest version and reboot

Once you have updated if you run the integration components installation again you will be advised the computer is already running the current version of integration services showing the version number

You can also run a script to check the version.