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Configure Acrobits SIP iphone app to externally access 3CX VOIP server so RTP voice traffic works

If you are trying to get Acrobits SIP phone working on your iPhone with the 3CX VoIP telephone system use the settings indicated below. For the domain entered the local network DNS name of the server i.e. what is used to connect to 3CX on the local network. For Register via leave the default setting […]


Configuring external SPA942 IP SIP phone with 3CX

The instructions “How can I use the 3CX Tunnel with a SIP hardphone?” on the 3cx site at–


What VOIP ports to open and forward for 3CX

3CX needs the following ports forwarded to the VOIP server in order to work. The documentation does not by default describe which ones are meant to be TCP and which UDP so here they are: Port 5060 (TCP and UDP) – Used for SIP protocol transmission


Installing Windows 3CX VOIP telephone system with Pennytel

Configuring Pennytel as a VOIP provider After the intial 3CX-


Installing Windows 3CX VOIP telephone system with Pennytel – Part 1

I have been configuring a 3CX Windows Voice over IP phone system. We use an Asterisk VOIP system in the office but I thought I would have a look at windows based VOIP system. 3CX offer a free edition for up to 4 simultaneous lines, but the enterprise version for more lines is still under […]