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Cyberoam blocking SSL access to metatrader axistrader

I recently installed the meta-trader package for trading foreign exchange, but was finding I could not get any connection. Suspecting the cyberoam was the culprit I bypassed it and confirmed that when connected directly to an ADSL modem I could connect. Using the packet filter on the cyberoam I could see packets are being consumed […]


2wire router blocking port 80 443 HTTP HTTPS website traffic

I have come across this case a couple of times where for some reason after operating successfully for some days or weeks all port 80 traffic starts getting blocked by a 2wire router. This occurs when the router is connected to the computers through a switch, as opposed to all computers connecting directly to the […]


Blocking streaming media ports in a firewall

After being hit with a few $700 and $800 excess charges by Telstra, who refuse to do anything about it and provide no warning system (they make more money that way) I was having a hard time figuring out how-