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How to install a VMWare tools on Linux centos elastix virtual machine

The instructions here presume –


Setup Samba on linux centos server

To install samba on CentOS At the command shell enter yum install samba You will receive a couple of prompts-


How to install webmin to manage a linux centos server

Login as root cd /root mkdir webmin cd webmin wget rpm -Uvh webmin* WebMin runs its own web server on port 10000. To start WebMin, issue this command: /etc/webmin/start. You access it with a web browser pointed to the IP address of your Asterisk box at that port address, e.g. You can also […]


What are the default passwords in Elastix CentOS


Editing firewall.local settings in Linux CentOS

Short method: Login as the root user – I use putty for windows to connect to the linux server from my desktop after logging in enter-