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Distribution group security tab missing for domain admin

If you need to set send as permissions for a distribution group, you may find that when you go to the properties for the group you are missing the required security tab In order to see the security group tab you need to enable Advanced Features from the view menu in active directory Now when […]


Creating a new Distribution Group in Exchange

Mailing lists, called Distribution Groups in Exchange, are an invaluable tool for sending regular messages to groups of people. Here’s a walk-through on creating a Distribution Group, in our example for a Sales Team 1. Open your Active Directory Users and Computers. Select the most relevant Organizational Unit (usually the one for your business). Create […]


Creating a Contact in Exchange

Normal users in your Active Directory are only for internal staff. Sometimes it can make sense to put in external contacts that you send mail to regularly. For example suppliers or customers. The advantage of putting a contact in your Active Directory is that you can the put the contact into a Distribution Group! 1. […]