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Gmail MX records for DNS domain host file

If setting up a domain using gmail you can copy and paste the below records into the hosts file to save entering each one manually @-


How to set up your Outlook 2007 client to work with Gmail

To set up your Outlook 2007 client to work with Gmail 1. Open Outlook. 2. For new setups, select Do not upgrade. 3. Click Yes. 4. Enter your display name, email address (including ‘’), and password. Google Apps users, enter your full email address, e.g. ‘[email protected]’ 5. Select the ‘Manually configure server settings or additional […]


Gmail not downloading pop mail or mail disappearing

I have setup a couple of gmail accounts for clients as a central repository for various email accounts. Clients have complained they have not received some emails or they have been substantially delayed. Looking at the gmail check mail settings for the pop accounts, sometimes it says mail has been checked 53 minutes ago, or […]


Privacy concern with Google Contacts

When setting up a personal domain on GMail this week, I encountered an interesting “feature” of the integration with Google Contacts and Google Talk. Google Apps automatically adds all domain users to the Contacts list for all users. If you’re setting up a mail system for a company, that’s OK. But if you’re doing it […]


Using GMail with a custom domain.

Many people are familiar with GMail, the free webmail client provided by Google. What you might not know is that you can attach your own domain to it, thus not be stuck with an @gmail address.