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How to disable the Windows Small Business Server 2008 SBS console from automatically starting

This runs as a scheduled task on login. To disable it open the Task scheduler, Drill down to Windows small business server 2008 Right click on console and select disable


How to enable personal wireless hotspot on iPhone

First you need to make sure you have IOS 4.2 or later to have the hotspot feature. Go to Settings. Select the Personal Hotspot setting Switch personal Hotspot to on. Note the Wi-Fi password on your phone   Now on your laptop ensure the wireless is on, search for wireless networks and you will see […]


How to embed audio file in a webpage

Insert this code, editing myfile.mp3 to be the audio file source <EMBED height=”20″ SRC=”myfile.mp3″ VOLUME=”50″ loop=”true” controls=”console” AUTOSTART=”FALSE” width=”128″> This will produce a player like this:


How to reset Cyberoam router to factory defaults

Unfortunately the reset switch on the cyberoam does not work as you would expect it to, i.e. it does not reset the router to factory defaults. Maybe it should be labelled “Do nothing” instead of reset. In order to reset connect the router by serial cable to a computer. You will need to have a […]


How to Move MySQL database on Windows server

Stop MySQL service   Find the database location On a Windows 2008 server for example it may be in-


Mac OS X How to connect to Windows File Sharing SMB

smb://ServerName/ShareName smb://DOMAIN;[email protected]/ShareName  


How to create dotnetnuke website on Windows 2008 server

  The below video demonstrates step by step process to setup a dotnetnuke website on iis7  


How to configure iphone ipad itouch pop3 email account

Open Settings Mail, contacts, calendars Choose Add account


How to enable logs in Cyberoam when firewall log empty

By default firewall logging is not turned on in the cyberoam router To enable it go to Logs & Reports Configuration Check on Firewall items you want to show up in the log and press the Apply button at the bottom of the screen.


How to setup Joomla on an IIS server

This covers setting up a Joomla website on a Windows IIS server You will need to have MySQL installed on the server already. If you do not, use XAMPP to load and configure the packages required from-