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Backup virtual machine in hyperv using windows backup

To backup a virtual server using windows backup you first need to add the hyperv writer. To do this you can either edit the registry as below or download the microsoft fix it tool from-


Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 license for HyperV and virtual server

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 standard edition includes a license for a virtual machine, so when you purchase this you can load a system as a HyperV server, then load a single virtual machine under that. Further Windows 2008 virtual machines require an additional license to be purchased. If you want to run a number of […]


Converting Elastix Asterisk Linux to HyperV virtual machine

This tutorial will enable you to create or migrate an elastix asterisk voip server on a HyperV virtual machine. This uses the latest stable version of elastix (1.6 at time of writing), but I expect the v2 beta should work with the same methods. Download the Elastix 1.6 ISO from Create a new virtual […]


Convert Windows 2003 vmware vmdk to hyperv vhd and avoid bluescreen

The main problem you’ll have doing this is that HyperV does not recognise SCSI as a valid boot device, so if you’re VMWare machine is running using the default SCSI drive and you do the conversion from VMDK –