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When will IOS 5 for Apple iphone and iPad be released?

The company announced that iOS 5 will officially be available for download starting October 12. It will include some features we have seen before along with the addition of Cards, Find My Friends and more importantly, Siri voice recognition. I’m very much interested in using Siri. The Nuance Dragon dictation app on my iPhone and […]


How to configure iphone ipad itouch pop3 email account

Open Settings Mail, contacts, calendars Choose Add account


iphone ipad pop3 email account fails verification with cannot find server

If you are setting up up your iPhone, iPad or itouch to collect mail using a pop3 account you may find that –


iphone and ipad ios 4.2.1 mobileme free account pops up with cannot access Review your account information Settings

After installing the new ipad and iPhone 4.2.1 iOS updates and the free MobileMe account so I could use “Find My iPhone”, I started to frequently getting-