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When will IOS 5 for Apple iphone and iPad be released?

The company announced that iOS 5 will officially be available for download starting October 12. It will include some features we have seen before along with the addition of Cards, Find My Friends and more importantly, Siri voice recognition. I’m very much interested in using Siri. The Nuance Dragon dictation app on my iPhone and […]


Minimise iPhone data usage by adjusting e-mail fetch settings and disabling push with exchange server

If you’re on a minimal data plan all going overseas you will want to configure your e-mail to only fetch manually, or at a longer interval. In order to configure this opens settings and mail, contacts, calendars Under Fetch New Data turn off Push Set the fetch interval to a certain time, or Manually if […]


How to enable personal wireless hotspot on iPhone

First you need to make sure you have IOS 4.2 or later to have the hotspot feature. Go to Settings. Select the Personal Hotspot setting Switch personal Hotspot to on. Note the Wi-Fi password on your phone   Now on your laptop ensure the wireless is on, search for wireless networks and you will see […]


iPhone unable to send mail from Exchange 2010 server ios version issue

We recently setup a 2010 server and found that a number of users could receive but not transmit mail using their iphone. We tested with our iphone in the office and had no problem. Activesync using Android phones also worked without a problem Most of the user had never upgraded the ios on their phones, […]


How to turn off suggested contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2010

By default Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a feature enabled which automatically creates Outlook contact for people who you have sent or received e-mails from. In your folder list you will see a contact address book called Suggested Contacts which accumulates these addresses If you use an iPhone with Microsoft exchange it will automatically synchronise this […]


How to configure iphone ipad itouch pop3 email account

Open Settings Mail, contacts, calendars Choose Add account


iphone ipad pop3 email account fails verification with cannot find server

If you are setting up up your iPhone, iPad or itouch to collect mail using a pop3 account you may find that –


iphone and ipad ios 4.2.1 mobileme free account pops up with cannot access Review your account information Settings

After installing the new ipad and iPhone 4.2.1 iOS updates and the free MobileMe account so I could use “Find My iPhone”, I started to frequently getting-


iphone 4 with ios 4.2.1 Vodafone signal going between 5 bars and searching in Forestville

I have been having problem 25/11/2010 and 26/11/2010


Unlock iphone from Telstra or Vodafone

Vodaphone locking with iPhone 3GS You can unlock from the Vodafone network here for which they will charge you $25 or so depending on your contract.;jsessionid=2FE449571340FB0D28E0A50AF3C58518?method=selectService I found unlocking from Vodafone was virtually immediate on a iPhone 3GS. When I plug the phone into iTunes five minutes after paying for the unlock, it recognised […]