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Cannot connect to SMB share migrating from Mac OSX 10.4 server to Windows 2008 server

If you need to connect from a Mac OSX 10.4 computer to a Windows 2008 server, you may find you cannot login to the Windows shares and get prompted for username and password. First thing to note is to connect from a Mac to Windows server is you need to have-


Synchronise or backup folders on mac

In order to synchronise folders from a Mac to another system or device (for backups to a USB drive or NAS for example) –


Setting up teamviewer host to automatically start on an apple mac

To do this you need to configure automatic login as the administrator and setup-


Free disk image backup and restore software for windows mac linux

Free Hard Disk / Partition Imaging and Cloning Software Macrium Reflect Free This software is able to image your currently running system (using a facility known as Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service) to another local hard disk, to the Network, a USB or Firewire drive, and DVD. It has a built-in scheduler, so that you […]


Connecting to Mac and executing UNIX commands using terminal SSH

Terminal is an application which enables you to issue UNIX commands on the local machine or login to a remote computer and issue commands as though you were typing on that computer’s keyboard. The Terminal utility allows you to connect using the SSH-2 protocol for secure communication. It is the preferred ssh client for Mac […]


View all hidden files on a mac in finder

The Finder hides the standard Unix files and folders from you. You can “Go To Folder…” and type in the name of the folder such as /var/log, but that’s fiddly and you still don’t see the “dot” files. There’s a terminal command that will make all files and folders display in your Finder. To do […]


Remote desktop RDP from Mac to Windows terminal server

If you have Microsoft office installed you will already have the remote desktop for Macintosh on your computer.-