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Windows 2008 Block or deny specific user remote desktop terminal services access

In group policy go to Computer Configuration\Policies\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment Define the Deny log on through Remote Desktop Services policy Add the users or groups you want to block from user remote deskop Regards Brendan King


Because of a protocol error this session will be disconnected using terminal services remote control in windows 2008 R2

When you try to remote control another session on a Windows 2008 R2 terminal server you may receive the message. Change the RDP Compression setting on the server to “Balances memory and network bandwidth” (recommended) or “Optimized to use less memory” using Group Policy. If using Windows Server 2008 R2 you may also choose “Do […]


Removing wallpaper from Remote Desktop Login

Hi folks, Ever been connecting to a PC with Remote Desktop and have to wait ages while the wallpaper loads before you can log in? After logging in, make this little change and wait no longer! HKUSERS\Users\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper Remove the value (but leave the key there) and no more wallpaper at the login screen!


How to Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

Often you may need to remotely connect to a network workstion, but by default remote desktop is not enabled. Other than having an administrative user enable it on the workstation itself, here is a way to do it remotely. Run Regedit Select File | Connect Network Registry Enter the name of the remote computer and […]


Remote desktop from PC to Apple Mac using VNC viewer

Often we want to provide support to Mac systems from our PCs. Macs have the capability to allow VNC access to the screens. The steps below show you how to enable VNC viewer on the Mac. A free VNC viewer for PC can be downloaded from To enable VNC on the Mac go to […]


Connectivity to the remote computer could not be established using remote desktop through SBS server

If you have an sbs 2003 server and are using remote desktop, when you attempt to connect to one of the computers on the network you may receive the following message: Connectivity to the remote computer could not be established The typical cause of this is if you have a hardware firewall you need to […]


Remote desktop RDP from Mac to Windows terminal server

If you have Microsoft office installed you will already have the remote desktop for Macintosh on your computer.-