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Sophos NAC only installs on Windows 2003 or 2008 standalone server not SBS

Although the Sophos control panel can install on a Windows XP workstation, NAC will only install on a full Windows 2003 or 2008 server. It will not install on an SBS server. The server requires IIS service to be installed in order to run NAC profile management Further details on instructions are here-


Manually removing Sophos puremessage when it will not uninstall

Here are the steps: 1. Stop Internet Information Services: Stop the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service (this will prevent mail from being allowed through while PureMessage is offline) Stop the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service Stop the Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks service 2. Stop and disable the PureMessage related services: Sophos PureMessage Sophos PureMessage […]


How to disable Sophos anti virus

Right click on the Blue Shield sophos icon on the bottom right of your status bar. Select Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Configure anti-virus and HIPS On-access Scanning. Check off Enable on-access scanning for this computer


Stopping Phishing using Sophos Pure Message

1. Ensure the PureMessage tagging are enabled Open PureMessage Configuration Transport SMTP scanning policy AntiSpam Configure subject tags and X-headers Then enable all X-header tagging. 2. Ensure the sender address or domain is not listed in Allowed Senders’s list Open PureMessage Configuration Transport SMTP scanning policy AntiSpam Select Allow specific sender Once you have verified […]


SAVOnAccessControl Access error trying to open PST running Sophos

We recently had a client who had a number of PST files open in their outlook, and some time after installing Sophos found that they could not open the PSTs.-


Updating Sophos username and password for library downloads

When your Sophos username and password expires you need to update them in the enterprise manager library. Open Sophos enterprise manager.-


Sophos Anti-Virus: how to configure update settings on a single computer

This article describes how to configure the update settings for a single computer. This is typically one that has had Sophos Anti-Virus installed by the standalone installer. You can configure the update settings locally or centrally. Note: If the computer is managed centrally, you cannot alter the configuration locally. All options will be greyed out […]


Upgrading MSDE prior to installing Sophos PureMessage

When installing Sophos PureMessage anti-spam / mail filtering software, if your Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine (MSDE) engine is not at SP4, the installer will report that it is Unable to connect to \local\SOPHOS. However if you try to install SP4 for MSDE, it won’t necessarily upgrade the correct version of MSDE. To check which version […]