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Stop teamviewer port 80 443 conflict

By default teamviewer uses port 80 and 443 for outbound communications. This is a problem if you are running a webserver. In order to stop teamviewer using these ports, open options, Advanced and under Advanced network settings check on Don’t use incoming port 80 and 443 (recommended for web servers only)  


Stop white and yellow pages book delivery

If you do not use the myriad of printed telephone books delivered to your house each year, there is now a way to stop receiving them. Consumers can opt out of receiving a phone book by visiting or by calling 1800 008 292


How to turn off suggested contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2010

By default Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a feature enabled which automatically creates Outlook contact for people who you have sent or received e-mails from. In your folder list you will see a contact address book called Suggested Contacts which accumulates these addresses If you use an iPhone with Microsoft exchange it will automatically synchronise this […]