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Configuring WDS Wireless Distribution System with Billion 7404VGP and TP-Link WR340G

If you need to extend the coverage of your wireless network without cabling between access points you can implement a Wireless Distribution Systems (WDS) They can be tricky to get working without knowing some specific information. This information is not absolute for every kind of router configuration but it works: Both Routers must support WDS. […]


Upgrade Linksys WRT54G router to enable Wireless Distribution Sytem WDS

Steps: Check the version of your WRT-54G by checking the label on the bottom. e.g. v1.1. Search for your router model at Download the mini-Build required for inital flashing via WEB-


How to disable Windows Desktop Search and revert to search companion

If Microsoft have pushed you into using desktop search as part of running office 2007 instead of search companion and you work on a network, you will have rapidly discovered how useless and time wasting it is. If you have connections to a number of network drives and don’t want to have the index service […]