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Configure Windows 7 PPTP VPN with cyberoam

The current version of cyberoam firmware does not support CHAPv2 protocols, so to connection using a PPTP connection to a cyberoam you need to configure specific PAP security settings Edit as of version 10.01.0048 MS-CHAPv2 is available as a protocol 1.-


Cisco 64 bit VPN client for Windows 7


Windows 7 or Windows 2008 add quicklaunch toolbar

By default Windows 7 and 2008 no longer display the quick launch toolbar. Some users prefer this to the new taskbar method of pinning programs. The problem with pinning is you cannot create distinct shortcuts to particular files, you can only group like files on the program that executes it. To add the quick launch […]


Windows 7 Some library features are unavailable due to unsupported library locations using network drive

I like Windows 7. It’s so much faster than Vista and improved functionality over Windows XP. I even like the libraries functionality of being up to include various folders in a frequently accessed section. One problem with libraries in is using on a domain you are required to enable off-line folders and cache all of […]


How to create VPN shortcut on desktop in Windows 7

In Network and Sharing Center click “Change adapter settings” on the left. From there you can create a VPN shortcut on your desktop.


Windows 7 release date confirmed for 22nd October 2009

Microsoft has confirmed Windows 7 will hit store shelves on October 22. The successor to Windows Vista was originally slated for a 2010 roll-out. Microsoft said that Windows 7 code will be finalized and sent out to manufacturing in the second half of July. The OS will then be made generally available October 22. Details […]


Windows 7 download and release date

Microsoft is likely to release Windows 7 between November 2009 and January 2010. Microsoft has made Windows 7 Beta available for download.-