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Outlook Your IMAP server closed the connection with Mdaemon server

If you are using Outlook with IMAP to collect your email and running and mdaemon server you may frequently receive the message: Your IMAP server closed the connection. This can occur if you leave the connection idle for too long In Mdaemon go to setup, Default Domain timeouts and check off IMAP NOOP and IDLE […]


Getting mdaemon to change where it sends mail backed up for a gateway

If mail has has backed up for a gateway and the clients server has changed its IP address, mdaemon will have a “memory” through the rte file of where to send the emails. For more information on routing slip files see-


Editing Mdaemon rte files to change endpoint mail server to send to

If using Mdaemon for a backup mail gateway, when a message comes into the backup gateway it creates-