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Importing nk2 file into outlook 2010

Import nk2 into outlook


MXsweep viewing spam emails for managed user on another domain using impersonate

Click on the impersonate link next to the customer name Then on the new tab, you can see the link for users Find the user in the list find his user name Click on the impersonate link and you will be logged on impersonating the user If you need to get a password you can […]


New entourage 2008 update stops exchange from working

Entourage update breaks exchange server connection.


Exchange System Manager Error – The token supplied to the function is invalid ID

Token error in exchange 2003 public folders.


Setting Outlook default contacts and address book search order

In order to set the default folder when you contacts are saved in Microsoft outlook press on the address book icon on the toolbar From the address book tools menu, select options From here you can select which address list to show first, where to store addresses and which order to search address books in […]


How to configure MXsweep e-mail service

MXSweep Email Security Service Overview There are five steps to successfully configuring the MXSweep service. 1.Provision of the service via the Partner Portal 2.Create mailboxes on the MXSweep system 3.Change your MX Records 4.Configure your outbound email 5.Lock down your firewall or email server to only allow port 25-


Outlook 2007 not displaying new email items in inbox or folder until view refreshed by pressing column

I am coming across this issue where a folder shows the message count, but the actual folder display is showing nothing. If a resort is done by pressing a column heading, the message in the folder then display. There is a suggested fix here to do with Trust Center Settings and Privacy Options in […]


How to assign users or groups full access to other user mailboxes in Exchange 2003

Note You must have the appropriate Exchange administrative permissions to do this. Start Active Directory Users and Computers. On the View menu, ensure that the Advanced Features check box is selected. Double-click the user whose mailbox you want to give permissions to. On the Exchange Advanced tab, click Mailbox Rights. Click Add, click the user […]


Script to create a signature file from Active Directory field entries

Do save having to manually edit and create uniform signature files for users, you can implement this VBS script which gathers information from Active directory about the user and inserts it into the appropriate signature folder on their system. At the bottom you will find the signature.htm and signature.txt files to edit and save –


Outlook 2007 slow to open

I recently installed Outlook 2007 on a HyperV Windows 2008 R2 server terminal server talking to Exchange 2010 on another HyperV on the same box. The server is a Dual Xeon with RAID 10 SAS drives pumping out 800Mb/s throughput yet Outlook 2007 would take about 8 seconds to open. Rubbish! I found by disabling […]