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Setting up teamviewer host to automatically start on an apple mac

To do this you need to configure automatic login as the administrator and setup-


Connecting to Mac and executing UNIX commands using terminal SSH

Terminal is an application which enables you to issue UNIX commands on the local machine or login to a remote computer and issue commands as though you were typing on that computer’s keyboard. The Terminal utility allows you to connect using the SSH-2 protocol for secure communication. It is the preferred ssh client for Mac […]


View all hidden files on a mac in finder

The Finder hides the standard Unix files and folders from you. You can “Go To Folder…” and type in the name of the folder such as /var/log, but that’s fiddly and you still don’t see the “dot” files. There’s a terminal command that will make all files and folders display in your Finder. To do […]


Remote desktop from PC to Apple Mac using VNC viewer

Often we want to provide support to Mac systems from our PCs. Macs have the capability to allow VNC access to the screens. The steps below show you how to enable VNC viewer on the Mac. A free VNC viewer for PC can be downloaded from To enable VNC on the Mac go to […]


How to create a VPN Connection on MAC OS X 10.5 Leopard?

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a VPN Connection on a MAC OS X 10.5 Leopard System. 1. Go to ‘Apple’ –> ‘System Preferences’ 2. Select ‘Network‘ from system preferences 3. In ‘Network‘ system preferences, click the ‘+‘ icon on the bottom left cover of window to make a new VPN Conection. […]


Remote desktop RDP from Mac to Windows terminal server

If you have Microsoft office installed you will already have the remote desktop for Macintosh on your computer.-