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How bad is Microsoft Azure that you cannot change the country billing is based in?

Recently I was attempting to add an a Azure virtual machine to an existing office 365 account of a client based in Indonesia. It then wants my credit card details to verify the account, I enter them but it says the zip code is not acceptable. I found out the credit card is not accepted […]


Windows 2012 disable server manager from starting up

If you are frequently logging in and out to manage Windows 2012 server, a time wasting annoyance is waiting for the server manager to load while you are trying to get something useful done. In order to disable it go to Manage, Server Manager Properties and Check on Do not start Server Manager automatically at […]


HyperV machine missing network card after restoring VHD on Windows 2012 server

Problem You have restored a VHD or moved it to a new HyperV 2012 Server from a 2008 server. When you restore and recreate the HyperV machine and start it up, it has no network connectivity. Running ipconfig shows media disconnected with no network card. Device manager shows no network device and Other devices showing […]


Configuring Windows 2012 HyperV replication

Windows 2012 includes a fantastic new feature that provides redundancy and the ability to quickly failover a virtual machine from one HyperV server to another The HyperV replica server can either be on your local network or off-site for site disaster recovery. For offsite replication you will want to ensure you have a high bandwidth […]