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Brilliant Windows packet sniffer software to identify network conditions and heavy network traffic usage

After searching and trying a number of packet sniffers to determine the source of heavy traffic usage, I found this the easiest to install and use by a long way. Its reporting is excellent and it makes it easy to see the source ip generating a lot of traffic.


Script to migrate and create DNS zones moving Windows DNS servers

If you are running multiple DNS zones on a Windows server and want to migrate these to a new Windows server here are the steps: From the DNS manager Export List and save to a text file   The lines in the export file will look like this for a Primary DNS server –


Roll out Teamviewer to Desktops and record ID using Active Directory

Hi So you have sign up to teamviwer and now you need to roll out the client to all desktop within your network. Well there are a few steps. Install Teamviewer Configure backup Config Rollout to Clients Use Script to get Client ID’s See Detail Steps below 1.-


Cleaning temporary files from terminal server users

Clear temporary files on terminal server


Exchange System Manager Error – The token supplied to the function is invalid ID

Token error in exchange 2003 public folders.


Disable SBS 2008 Console

Disable SBS console


Script to reset all active directory users passwords in an organizational unit OU

This will replace all the users passwords in UserOU with Newpassword! Update the italicised items to suit you domain Option Explicit Dim objOU, objUser Dim strPassword Dim intCounter, intAccValue, intPwdValue ‘———————— strPassword = “Newpassword!” intAccValue = 544 intCounter = 0 set objOU =GetObject(“LDAP://OU=UserOU,OU=MyCompanyOU,C=MyDomain,DC=LOCAL“) For each objUser in objOU If objUser.class=”user” then objUser.SetPassword strPassword objUser.SetInfo objUser.Put […]


Vodafone Blackberry website

In order to configure your Blackberry to pick up e-mail from your server –


SQL High Memory usage SBS 2003

How to cut down SBS monitoring memory usage on SBS 2003.


Free utility to restore overwritten or deleted partition table testdisk

This one is a keeper I accidentally tried to install Ubuntu over my 500gb data disk. It deleted the NFTS partition then wrote its own ext4 file systems to the disk. Fortunately it died with an error then I realised my mistake. The lovely folk over at expert sexchange referred me to this tool. […]