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Mac remote desktop connection cannot verify the identity of the computer

If you are having an issue getting remote desktop to connect to a windows server via rdp it is probably due to the domain field in the connection having information entered. For some reason the rdp that mac uses even though it is written by microsoft doesn’t support the domain field. To fix this issue […]


Adding additional passwords in teamviewer

The latest version of teamviewer allows you to have multiple passwords so different users can log in with different passwords. In order to add the additional passwords open team viewer options, go to the security section and press the manager additional passwords


Cleaning temporary files from terminal server users

Clear temporary files on terminal server


How to configure remote desktop RDP connection to your office terminal server

To remote desktop to your office you need to know the internet address of your terminal server-


Remote desktop RDP from Mac to Windows terminal server

If you have Microsoft office installed you will already have the remote desktop for Macintosh on your computer.-


How to Connect to a RDP Remote Desktop Connection to your terminal server at the office

Open Remote Desktop Connection from Programs or All Programs, Accessories, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.-


MSTSC.exe /CONSOLE replaced by MSTSC.exe /ADMIN

As of Win XP SP3, Vista SP1 and Windows 2008, the /console switch has been removed from the Terminal Services client. This is a security measure and is well documented at this blog. To connect to servers pre-2008 and to XP and Vista pre-service pack, the new client has the /admin option.


Updating the BIOS on your VXL Itona thin client

Upgrade the BIOS of your VXL Itona 35xx to the latest version by following the procedure: Open the Internet Explorer, type and press enter. Give username as