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Elastix Asterisk 2.7 FreePBX configure extension to use specific outbound trunk

I have my home phone as well is business phones running through the same server. I –


Asterisk command line interface (CLI) commands

Below are a list of commands you can use from the Asterisk command line interface (CLI) The CLI is reached by using the Linux shell command asterisk-


Script to backup Asterisk folders

The key folders to backup for asterisk are /etc/asterisk /var/log/asterisk /var/lib/asterisk /var/spool/asterisk /usr/lib/asterisk /var/lib/mysql /usr/local/tomcat/webapps You can use this script to back them up into one gz file. ora=`date ‘+%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S’` tar zcf etc-asterisk-$ora.tar.gz /etc/asterisk tar zcf var-log-asterisk-$ora.tar.gz /var/log/asterisk tar zcf var-lib-asterisk-$ora.tar.gz /var/lib/asterisk tar zcf var-spool-asterisk-$ora.tar.gz /var/spool/asterisk tar zcf usr-lib-asterisk-$ora.tar.gz /usr/lib/asterisk tar zcf var-lib-mysql-$ora.tar.gz /var/lib/mysql tar […]


How to Backup and restore Elastix Asterisk configuration on Cent OS to another server

I recently found this method of doing the backup/restore A few things to be aware of Make sure the Elastix version is the same or higher than the version that you are transferring the backup .tar file from. Otherwise if you try to transfer to an earlier version the extensions will not transfer across […]


Asterisk Music on Hold MOH Sound Choppy in and out using Pennytel and engin

When we put a call on hold using out asterisk server the Music on hold would chop in and out. We found this choppiness only occurred using Pennytel and Engin, other VOIP providers the MOH was smooth. Try this: Make sure you’ve compiled zaptel and have ztdummy loaded. Login to the server. If connecting from […]