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Sophos Anti-Virus: how to configure update settings on a single computer

This article describes how to configure the update settings for a single computer. This is typically one that has had Sophos Anti-Virus installed by the standalone installer. You can configure the update settings locally or centrally. Note: If the computer is managed centrally, you cannot alter the configuration locally. All options will be greyed out

What to do

Configuring a computer locally

Only computers that are never connected to the network are likely to need to be configured locally.

You must log on as a user who has administrator rights (if you are running Windows NT, Windows2000/XP/2003 or Mac).

  • If you want computers to update from your website, you will need to publish the files on your website.
  • If you need to revert to the original configuration, click the Defaults button.

Configuring Windows 2000/XP/2003, Windows NT and Windows 95/98/Me computers