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How to reset Cyberoam router to factory defaults

Unfortunately the reset switch on the cyberoam does not work as you would expect it to, i.e. it does not reset the router to factory defaults. Maybe it should be labelled “Do nothing” instead of reset. In order to reset connect the router by serial cable to a computer. You will need to have a […]


How to enable icmp ping on dlink dsl-2624b router on wan internet interface

In the maintenance menu Access controls, Services Check on WAN ICMP and the Save/Apply It will take effect immediately


2wire router blocking port 80 443 HTTP HTTPS website traffic

I have come across this case a couple of times where for some reason after operating successfully for some days or weeks all port 80 traffic starts getting blocked by a 2wire router. This occurs when the router is connected to the computers through a switch, as opposed to all computers connecting directly to the […]


Upgrade Linksys WRT54G router to enable Wireless Distribution Sytem WDS

Steps: Check the version of your WRT-54G by checking the label on the bottom. e.g. v1.1. Search for your router model at Download the mini-Build required for inital flashing via WEB-