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Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 license for HyperV and virtual server

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 standard edition includes a license for a virtual machine, so when you purchase this you can load a system as a HyperV server, then load a single virtual machine under that. Further Windows 2008 virtual machines require an additional license to be purchased. If you want to run a number of […]


Converting Elastix Asterisk Linux to HyperV virtual machine

This tutorial will enable you to create or migrate an elastix asterisk voip server on a HyperV virtual machine. This uses the latest stable version of elastix (1.6 at time of writing), but I expect the v2 beta should work with the same methods. Download the Elastix 1.6 ISO from Create a new virtual […]


How to install a VMWare tools on Linux centos elastix virtual machine

The instructions here presume –


Hyper V recreating Virtual Machine Failed to Create external configuration store General access denied

Having copied a Hyper-V VHD file from one server to a new server I ran through the Hyper-V wizard to create the new machine pointing to the existing VHD file. Failed to create external configuration store at c:\Virtual Machines’: General access denied error –