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When will IOS 5 for Apple iphone and iPad be released?

The company announced that iOS 5 will officially be available for download starting October 12. It will include some features we have seen before along with the addition of Cards, Find My Friends and more importantly, Siri voice recognition.

I’m very much interested in using Siri. The Nuance Dragon dictation app on my iPhone and iPad has had excellent accuracy at about 95+%. Given it is a free app I certainly can’t complain about that- it something I would easily pay $20 for and I use it every day for dictating SMS messages and e-mails.

I also have vlingo and voice actions apps, but am looking forward to a more fully integrated voice recognition application for being up to perform various functions on the phone. Opening these apps and waiting for them to load as well is their functionality fairly limited so they get little use compared to dragon.

Here’s more about Siri-